Our mission is to help companies improve their business outcomes through artificial intelligence solutions.

Artificial intelligence enables extraordinary advances in many sectors, such as autonomous driving, healthcare, retail, and much more. We recognize the significance of the shift from traditional software to AI as one of the most transformative changes of our era. Our mission is to support businesses and organizations in embracing this change and incorporating AI into their operations, in order to achieve better results.

ZOOMi provides an end-to-end artificial intelligence solution development services for businesses of all sizes. From preparing data for AI algorithms to deploying your system to thousands of users, we provide comprehensive support to bring your AI project to fruition. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way, from data preparation to algorithm selection and model training, to deployment and maintenance.


We are a team of experienced founders, AI enthusiasts & experts, data scientists,  big data experts and software engineers driven by a shared purpose to accelerate AI application development. Innovation and integrity are our secret sources of success.

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Simply put, we love humans, all other living creatures, and also, our planet earth, from the bottom of our hearts. We respect you, regardless of your ethnicity, gender or race. We care about diversity in the workplace.